Quickflyer Personalised

Forget scatter losses and also reach households with "stop advertising" stickers. Quickflyer Personalised is our product for acquiring new customers. Addressing the recipient by name ensures a higher response rate.

Quickflyer Personalised are addressed mailings with which companies reach their desired target group throughout Switzerland - and at an unbeatable unit price. All printed materials heavier than 51 g are suitable for Quickflyer Personalised mailings. They do not have to be classic flyers or brochures, mailings or catalogues can also be sent with Quickflyer Personalised.


  • One-time and recurring mailings

  • All types of mailings such as letters, brochures or catalogues between 51 g and 1,000 g

  • New customer acquisition

  • Special offers and promotions

  • Target group information

  • Branch openings, competitions etc.


  • Win new customers with addressed mailings at an unbeatable unit price.

  • Quickflyer Personalised have no scatter loss: thanks to the option of address selection, you achieve a high degree of target group accuracy.

  • With Quickflyer Personalised you avoid any unnecessary duplicate addresses by comparing them with your own existing customers.

  • We offset all CO₂ emissions generated by the transport and delivery of items from our depots to the recipients automatically and without extra charge.


  • Minimum weight: 51 g

  • Maximum weight: 1'000 g

  • Thickness: up to 2 cm

  • Maximum format: B4

  • Stackable mail items


You can select the addresses with just a few clicks directly via the online shops from our partners AZ Direct or künzlerbachmann. We will then contact you to prepare the offer.

This is how a Quickflyer Personalised mailing works

4 simple steps towards your goal:

  1. You select the postal code areas in which Quickflyer Personalised is to be delivered and have the addresses of these postal code areas selected.

  2. You refine the selection of addresses by removing households that do not match your target group or by comparing them with your own existing addresses.

  3. You deliver your unaddressed flyers or mailings to Quickmail and we carry out the addressing and pre-sorting of the mailings. Alternatively, you can do the addressing yourself.

  4. Your mailings are delivered by Quickmail.


ServicePrice in CHF (incl. VAT){center}
Flat rate per order 538.50{highlight,center}
Base price (per item)0.36{highlight,center}
Weight-dependent surcharge (per kg)1.00{highlight,center}
Surcharge for mailings in residual bundles (see explanations below under “Good to know!”)0.11{highlight,center}

No surcharges are imposed for items that are not machine-compatible - so-called special mail items.

Additional optional servicesPrice in CHF (incl. VAT){center}
Matching addresses with existing customers (flat rate)*807.75{highlight,center}
Printing of addresses (per item)0.07539{highlight,center}

*Customer Match (existing clients): For a more extensive and complex Customer Match, an extra fee is charged in addition to the flat rate for extra work.

Required usage rate

A requirement for using Quickflyer Personalised is a minimum ‘usage rate’ of 20 %. This is the percentage of the total available addresses in the postage areas selected that remains once the selection criteria have been chosen. A usage rate of 100 % would mean that all available addresses are receiving the mailing. The tighter the selection criteria for addresses, the lower the usage rate. The base price for Quickflyer Personalised covers a usage rate of 50 % to 100 %. If the usage rate is lower than this, a small surcharge will be added to the base price.

If you have any further questions, we would be happy to advise you. Please feel free to contact us via the contact options on this website.

Good to know!

Residual bundles result when the minimum number of mailings per bundle specified by you is not reached for a delivery area. The higher the total delivery quantity and the lower the minimum number of mailings per bundle you have specified, the lower the proportion of mailings in residual bundles. You can find out how high the proportion of mailings in residual bundles is after routing an order in the Extranet on the "Download" page.

Option: Customer structure analysis

We support you with a customised customer structure analysis to optimally define your target group. In a first step, we analyse your current customer base in order to learn more about the regional distribution, age, life stage or consumer orientation of your existing customers. Then we compare your data structure with the corresponding data of one of our service partners. As a result, you receive a compass that shows in which categories your customer base is over- or under-represented. From these analysis results, we derive a customised selection recommendation that you can use to optimally plan new customer or acquisition campaigns.



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