Our contribution to climate protection

Since 2015, Quickmail has offset all CO2 emissions. By default and at no extra charge for our customers. We offset all CO2 emissions generated by the transport and delivery of items from our depots to the recipients in effective climate protection projects.

We are currently supporting a community-based reforestation project in Nicaragua through our carbon offset partner myclimate. In this reforestation project, small farming families work together to reforest unused parts of their land. Thanks to better use of space and sustainable use of forest resources, the forest area is increased and the quality of life of the community's inhabitants is improved.

We support this climate protection project because …

...as a private postal service provider we believe not only in the future of letterboxes, but also in the medium of paper. Every printed and delivered advertising consignment strengthens Switzerland and creates jobs here - most of the money spent on online advertising goes abroad.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that paper and the protection of the ecosystems that produce this raw material are particularly close to our hearts. That is why we consciously chose a forest protection or reforestation project when selecting a climate protection project. We support this project in particular because, in addition to protecting the environment, it also makes an important contribution to achieving various social and integrative goals.

Overall, the project contributes to eleven Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We would like to highlight the following sustainability goals of the project in particular. You can find out which other SDGs the project contributes to directly in the project description of our partner myclimate.

Icon SDG 1: No Poverty

Payments being made to communities across 1,357 farming families where people are living on less than $2/day.

SDG 10: Reduced inequalitites

2,900 seasonal jobs per year, 80 % of them are landless farmers.

Icon SDG 15: Life on Land

10 million native trees planted, reforesting over 6,167 ha of land (equivalent of 11,527 football fields), habitat and local wildlife regeneration.

Good to know!

As a Quickmail customer, you can print the myclimate logo or a label with a QR code on your consignments. The recipients of your consignments can then read how the CO2 emissions are offset. You can find the myclimate logos in the download area.

Please contact us if you would like to know how to apply the logo or label with QR code correctly to your consignments.

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