Quickflyer Partially Addressed

Are you looking for maximum reach and a cost-effective way to get new customers excited about your products and services? Then Quickflyer Partially Addressed is perfectly tailored to your requirements. It has never been easier to launch high-response campaigns at low cost.

With Quickflyer Partially Addressed you can send flyers, mailings or catalogues - even those weighing less than 50 g. Precise selection criteria allow you to advertise exactly where your target group lives, e.g. in the area surrounding a newly opened branch. Of course, we respect the wishes of recipients who do not wish to receive partially addressed items and exclude them from the selection.


  • One-off and recurring mailings

  • All types of mailings such as letters, brochures or catalogues - even under 50 g!

  • Great reach due to partial addressing of mailings

  • Acquisition of new customers

  • Special offers and time-limited promotions

  • Classic advertising flyers

  • New openings, branch openings etc.


  • Mailings weighing less than 50 g can also be delivered, because the postal monopoly does not apply to partially addressed mailings.

  • By matching addresses with existing customers, you avoid duplicate addresses.

  • Selection in the area surrounding your branches is possible - the closer the target group lives, the more valuable it is for you.

  • Recipients who do not wish to have partly addressed mailings are automatically excluded during the selection process by means of a sophisticated mechanism.


  • No minimum weight

  • Maximum weight: 1'000 g

  • No minimum format

  • Mailings that can be stacked

Additional services and options

Selection criteria

Quickmail offers you the possibility of positively influencing the response of your mailing by means of numerous characteristics:

  • Basic characteristics such as language area, canton, postal code, income by postal code, number of households per building (also only single-family houses), number of persons per building.

  • Characteristics such as age, purchasing power, family structure (information such as family or single household, average age of the head of the family, proportion of over 60-year-olds), sinus milieus (effects of different lifestyles, views, ways of life) or donation affinity.

  • Response-boosting additional characteristics such as the activity index ("QuickActive"). QuickActive indicates the number of mailings received by households in a building compared to the Swiss average. Due to the large amount of data included in the index, this is an excellent indicator of response.

Exclusion criteria

Quickmail excludes all recipients who have registered on the so-called "Robinson list" and other recipients who do not wish to receive partially addressed advertising. You benefit from less scatter loss, a more targeted approach and lower costs.

4 simple steps towards your goal

  1. Select the postal code areas in which Quickflyer is to be delivered partially addressed.

  2. Remove households that do not match your target group, add further households with relevant characteristics or compare them with your own existing addresses.

  3. Hand over your flyers or mailings unaddressed to Quickmail. We will address and pre-sort the mailings for you. If you wish, you can also do the addressing yourself.

  4. Quickmail delivers your mailings and responds to feedback from recipients. On average, less than 0.1 % of the mailings delivered are returned.


ServicePrice in CHF (excl. VAT){center}
Flat rate per order 500{highlight,center}
Base price (per item)0.27{highlight,center}
Weight-dependent surcharge (per kg)0.929{highlight,center}
Surcharge for mailings in residual bundles (see explanations below under “Good to know!”)0.102{highlight,center}
Additional optional servicesPrice in CHF (excl. VAT){center}
Matching addresses with existing customers (flat rate)*750{highlight,center}
Response-boosting additional characteristics (per item)**0.05{highlight,center}
Surcharge for share of single-family houses (per item)0.05{highlight,center}
Printing of addresses (per item)0.07{highlight,center}

*Customer Match (existing clients): For a more extensive and complex Customer Match, an extra fee is charged in addition to the flat rate for extra work.

**If several response-boosting additional characteristics are selected, the surcharge will only be invoiced once.

Good to know!

Residual bundles result when the minimum number of mailings per bundle specified by you is not reached for a delivery area. The higher the total delivery quantity and the lower the minimum number of mailings per bundle you have specified, the lower the proportion of mailings in residual bundles. You can find out how high the proportion of mailings in residual bundles is after routing an order in the Extranet on the "Download" page.

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