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About Quickmail

Our passion is customer dialogue: We deliver messages in letterboxes and thus support the acquisition and retention of customers. Our system is tailored to the delivery of letters. With us, your messages reach over 3 million households in all parts of Switzerland, week after week.

Who is Quickmail?

The only private mail service provider

Quickmail is the first and only private service provider in Switzerland for the delivery of addressed, partially addressed and unaddressed letters.

Wide range of products

Quickmail offers cost-effective delivery of mailings, magazines and small consignments.

Foundation after lowering of letter monopoly

Quickmail was founded in 2009 after the letter monopoly was lowered to 50 g.

Climate-friendly parcel delivery

With the launch of the Quickpac in June 2019, Quickmail is also offering quiet, fast and climate-friendly parcel delivery.

A strong Swiss employer

Quickmail creates jobs and currently employs 121 full-time and over 3,200 part-time staff.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Quickmail employs people from 81 countries. 61 % of our delivery agents are women. The wage difference between men and women is 0 %.


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August 2009

Company foundation

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November 2009

Start of delivery in St. Gallen and Appenzell

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August 2010

Cooperation with AWZ AG

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May 2011

Issue of Switzerland's first private postage stamp

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September 2011

Start of delivery in French-speaking Switzerland

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Takeover of AWZ AG delivery areas. Changeover of depot delivery to nilo Night Logistics (Valora, now 7Days Media Services AG).

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After delivering its 100 millionth consignment in July, Quickmail hires its 1000th delivery agent October.

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September 2014

Opening of Lausanne office

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September 2015

Quickmail launches cooperation with myclimate and ships all consignments CO2-neutrally.

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October 2015

Federal Council recommends that the residual monopoly be maintained. Quickmail launches the campaign for the revision of the Postal Act with the luminescent "Rendez-vous Bundesplatz" stamp. The collective labour agreement is signed in December.

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March/April 2016

In March, PostCom denies Quickmail access to post office boxes and in April Quickmail hires the 2,500th delivery agent.

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October 2016

Quickmail starts delivery in Ticino. Quickmail continues to focus on electromobility and purchases 3 electric Renault Twizy vehicles. In December, Quickmail begins delivering individual letters for Deutsche Post AG.

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The evaluation report on the Postal Act supports Quickmail's various demands (e.g. access to P.O. boxes), but confirms the retention of the residual monopoly. Nevertheless, Quickmail continues to grow and in August launches the product Quicksample for sending samples of goods.


February 2018

For the first time, Quickmail and a customer (Schuler St. Jakobskellerei) jointly issue a stamp, with two more customer issues to follow in 2018. Also in February, the operational launch of Quickmail International (export letters) is completed.

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October/November 2018

A group of investors represented by Verium AG in Zurich takes over the majority of shares from MS Direct Group AG. The launch of the product "Quickflyer Partially Addressed" follows in November.

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March 2019

Quickpac vehicle handover: At the Stade de Suisse in Berne, Quickmail takes delivery of the first 50 Renault Kangoo and starts building up the largest electric car fleet in Switzerland.


May 2019

Quickmail launches the stamp "10 years Quickmail - 10 years residual monopoly" to mark the company's 10th anniversary. In August, Quickmail officially celebrates its anniversary on Lake Constance with over 250 guests.

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June 2019

Quickmail starts operating Quickpac and delivers the first parcels. By the end of the year, Quickpac already reaches 25 % of all Swiss households.

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June 2020

Quickpac delivers the millionth package.

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November 2020

Quickpac opens its third depot in Dietikon, reaching 1.2 million households or 33.6 % of all households in Switzerland.

Quickmail in figures

Quickmail AG is the "market leader in private letter services" in Switzerland, according to the postal regulatory authority (PostCom). Since its foundation in 2009, Quickmail has transported over 858 million addressed items and created over 400 jobs.

Number of letters, mailings and catalogues delivered

Addressed mailings

  • 2009: 0.1 Mio.

  • 2010: 2.3 Mio.

  • 2011: 14.6 Mio.

  • 2012: 28.8 Mio.

  • 2013: 34.8 Mio.

  • 2014: 40.0 Mio.

  • 2015: 61.5 Mio.

  • 2016: 72.2 Mio.

  • 2017: 86.8 Mio.

  • 2018: 98.8 Mio.

  • 2019: 106.8 Mio.

  • 2020: 107.5 Mio.

  • 2021: 105.3 Mio.

  • 2022: 98 Mio.

Unaddressed mailings

  • 2022: 15.0 Mio.

Number of households reached

  • Switzerland-wide: 3.2 million (85.0 % of all households in Switzerland)

  • German-speaking Switzerland: 2.4 million (86.6 % of households in German-speaking Switzerland)

  • French-speaking Switzerland: 747,000 (81.7 % of households in Western Switzerland)

  • Ticino: 132,000 (77.8 % of households in Ticino)

Number of employees

  • Full-time: 121

  • Part-time: 3'200

  • Converted to full-time positions: 456

(as of 31 December 2022)

Our mission statement


We are open to new ideas.

We are constantly optimising our products and processes. To do this, we experiment a lot and try unusual approaches.

We create jobs.

Our innovative offers for addressed advertising bring new jobs. Every printed and delivered advertising mailing strengthens Switzerland - whereas most of the money spent on online advertising goes abroad.

We support our employees.

As a growing company, we offer our employees perspectives. Vacant or new positions are first offered to existing employees. We invest in the development and know-how of our employees.


We believe in the future of the letterbox.

No medium in Switzerland reaches more people than printed mail. Addressed advertising in the letterbox is expected, read and triggers purchases - today and tomorrow.

Everyone should be free to choose their mail service provider.

The residual monopoly for letters up to 50 g is outdated and must be abolished. It leads to excessive postage prices, harms the Swiss printing industry and destroys jobs.

We'll make it simple.

We convince our customers with straightforward products and reasonable prices.


Every consignment counts.

Our primary goal is the punctual and proper delivery of all consignments entrusted to us.

We know our customers.

We invest a lot of time to understand what our senders' needs and challenges are. We know the recipients' letterboxes and respect their wishes for delivery.

We want to be the better choice.

As a young company, we have to convince with a better price-performance ratio. We achieve this through innovation and consistent quality management.