Who doesn't dream of having their own stamp? Normally, stamps are limited to landmarks, special events or country-specific personalities. That doesn't have to be the case! With Quickstamp you have the option of adding a franking mark in the form of a very personal stamp to your mailings.

Quickstamps are stamps issued by Quickmail in collaboration with our customers. Our customers choose to have their own stamp for many reasons: for a company anniversary, to launch a new product or to draw attention to a particular occasion. The freedom of design for the stamps lies with you as a customer and the use of your personal stamp is, of course, entirely reserved for your company.


  • Company anniversary

  • Product launch

  • Events and special occasions

  • Branding


  • More attention for your mailings

  • High-quality positioning of your brand or product

  • Great freedom of design and a wide range of possible uses

  • Personal stamp for exclusive use by you as a customer


  • According to the "Postgesetz" (Postal Act), letters and parcels must be identifiable as to which provider they have been handed over to for delivery. That is why the imprint "Quickmail" is essential on the stamps.

  • Both self-adhesive and non-adhesive stamps are possible.

  • In addition to the stamp, you can also design the postmark yourself.

Quickstamp example: Stamp "325 years SCOLARIS

Stamp "325 years SCOLARIS"

Quickstamp example: "Typically Switzerland" stamp

Stamp "Typically Switzerland"

Quickstamp example: "Native butterflies" stamp

Stamp: "Native butterflies"

Quickstamp example: Stamp "10 years Quickmail - 10 years Restmonopol Briefpost".

Stamp "10 years Quickmail - 10 years Restmonopol Briefpost"


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