Quickmail creates jobs and currently employs over 120 full-time and more than 3,200 part-time staff.

Diversity and equal opportunities are more than just buzzwords for us: people from 81 countries work at Quickmail. 60 % of our delivery staff are women. The wage difference between men and women is 0 %.


Christof lenhard neu web
Christof Lenhard
Managing director (CEO)
Bernard germanier print
Bernard Germanier
Managing director Head of Sales & Marketing
Jochen gehlbach print
Jochen Gehlbach
Member of the board Head of IT Managing director of Quickmail Systems GmbH
Stefan haag print neu
Stefan Haag
Member of the board Head of Operations Quickmail
Anita roos neu web heller
Anita Roos
Member of the board Head of Finance

Regions of distribution

Quickmail delivers items in all parts of Switzerland. Each distribution area is assigned to one of 6 distribution regions.

You can switch between the distribution regions by clicking on the name of the distribution region at the bottom of the menu or by selecting the desired region on the map.

Klaus timm print
Klaus Timm
Regional Distribution Manager Berne/Upper Wallis
Monika ammann neu web
Monika Ammann
Distribution Area Manager
Stefanie zizzo neu web
Stefanie Zizzo
Distribution Area Manager
Udo zukowski print
Udo Zukowski
Distribution Area Manager
Alessandra meier print
Alessandra Meier
Regional Distribution Manager Northwestern Switzerland
Viktor corusa neu web
Viktor Corusa
Distribution Area Manager
Kim Frei
Distribution Area Manager
Jeannette sturzenegger web
Jeannette Sturzenegger
Regional Distribution Manager East
Patrizia motz neu business
Patrizia Motz
Distribution Area Manager
Rahel scheier neu web
Rahel Scheier
Distribution Area Manager
Natasa tanic print
Nataša Tanić
Distribution Area Manager
Bruno werthmüller print
Bruno Werthmüller
Regional Distribution Manager West
Karin dekumbis web
Karin Dekumbis
Distribution Area Manager
Geiser fabienne neu web
Fabienne Geiser
Distribution Area Manager
Solange vioget print
Solange Vioget
Distribution Area Manager
Sandra würgler print
Sandra Würgler
Distribution Area Manager central Switzerland
Edith kälin huber neu web
Edith Kälin
Distribution Area Manager
Nicole rudin web
Nicole Rudin
Distribution Area Manager
Sibylle seiler print
Sibylle Seiler
Regional Distribution Manager Zürich & Ticino
Jeanette graf neu web
Jeannette Graf
Distribution Area Manager
Spartacus iacino print
Spartacus Iacino
Distribution Area Manager Ticino
Valeria mercurio print
Valeria Mercurio
Distribution Area Manager
Katja müller neu web
Katja Müller
Distribution Area Manager
Antonella valentino neu web
Antonella Valentino
Distribution Area Manager


Stefanie steiner print
Stefanie Steiner
Key Account Manager
Ajla zahirovic neu web
Ajla Zahirovic
Account Manager inside sales

Product Management

Astrid frommeyer neu web
Astrid Frommeyer
Head of Product Management
Janine ader print
Janine Ader
Data Protection Officer and Product Manager