Don't waste money mailing out magazines. With Quickpress, your newspapers and magazines are delivered inexpensively, reliably and in a climate-friendly way. Throughout Switzerland, week after week. Quickmail may also transport newspapers and magazines if they weigh less than 50 g.

Quickpress is our product for mailing your newspapers and magazines. This includes member magazines, customer magazines or subscription titles. As with all our product offerings, you can conveniently manage your mailings on the Quickmail extranet, where you benefit, for example, from free correction of the spelling of your addresses and can electronically view your undeliverable items, making it incredibly easy to keep your customer or member database up to date.


Quickpress is suitable for sending:

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

  • Member and customer magazines

  • Bulletins

  • Journals, Illustrated magazines etc.


  • Order management in the Quickmail extranet incl. free preparation and correction of your addresses and electronic information about undeliverable items.

  • You save up to 15% compared to your previous average price.

  • You pay no surcharges for

    • copies in excess of the permissible quantity quota.

    • increased processing effort for non-machineable shipments.


Quickpress delivery is possible for the following newspapers and magazines:

  • Titles that have a valid press certification.

  • Titles that are published monthly or less frequently.

  • Titles that are mailed today with the franking mark "AZB" and do not receive "indirect press subsidy".

  • Titles that receive «indirect press subsidies», but pay surcharges for sample issues.


We will be happy to provide you with a customized offer. Ideally, you should send us a copy of your previous invoice or informally provide us with the following details:

  • Publication frequency per year

  • Circulation sent out

  • Weight (approx. g)

  • Are the mailings subject to increased processing?

  • Does the title receive subsidized press rates?

Download your request form and send your request to sales@quickmail-ag.ch.


Download your request form and send your request to sales@quickmail-ag.ch.

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