Quickmail Standard and Large

At Quickmail, we love messages in letterboxes. No other medium allows you to reach more people. With Quickmail Standard and Quickmail Large, your messages are guaranteed to reach your regular customers - punctually, week after week, in all parts of Switzerland.

Quickmail Standard and Quickmail Large are our basic products for the delivery of addressed mailings. In addition to classic mailings, these also include letters, brochures, catalogues and many other print formats with an individual weight of between 51 and 1,000 g. There are (almost) no limits to creative ideas: With Quickmail Standard and Gross, even special mailings (so-called non-machineable mailings) with unusual formats and eye-catching designs can be sent without any problems.


  • One-time and recurring mailings

  • All types of mailings such as letters, brochures or catalogues between 51 g and 1,000 g (heavier items on request)

  • Unconventional formats and design of mailings are possible, as mailings that are not machine-compatible (special mailings) can also be sent out

  • Strengthening of customer loyalty and brand awareness

  • Marketing campaigns, competitions

  • Customer and member information


  • Your mailings are delivered in a fixed time window.

  • Delivery takes place on the weekdays with the highest response rates, Thursday and Friday.

  • You will receive free electronic information on the delivery status of your mailings - updated hourly.

  • Undeliverable addresses are electronically logged free of charge.

  • Quickmail does not impose any surcharges for mailings that cannot be delivered by machine ("special mailings").

  • We offset all CO₂ emissions generated by the transport and delivery of items from our depots to the recipients automatically and without extra charge.


  • No minimum format

  • Maximum format similar to B-Mail bulk mailings

    • Standard: Up to B5 (176×250 mm), up to 500 g

    • Large: Up to B4 (250×353 mm) thickness up to 2 cm

    • Up to 15 cm thick for a small surcharge, also for B4 format

  • Mailings must be stackable

  • Quickleitzahl must be applied to the mailings

  • Bundles and pallets must be produced according to Quickmail specifications


  • Minimum weight: 51 g

  • Maximum weight: 1,000 g. However, Quickmail will also transport items weighing up to 2,000 g upon request.


According to the Swiss Postal Act, private mail service providers are not allowed to carry letters weighing less than 50 g in Switzerland. Nevertheless, as a sender of items weighing less than 50 g, you can benefit from the price advantages Quickmail offers. To do so, make your light mailings heavier, e.g. by including an insert or using thicker, higher-quality paper. By the way, we at Quickmail call this process "stuffing".

You can find all the information and the most important tips and tricks on the subject of stuffing here.


ProductThickness{center}Maximum format{center}Weight{center}Price in CHF (incl. VAT){center}
Base price{center}per kg{center}
Quickmail Standardup to 2 cm{center}B5{center}51 to 100 g{center}0.51{highlight,center}0.60{highlight,center}
101 to 250 g{center}0.56{highlight,center}
251 to 500 g{center}0.59{highlight,center}
Quickmail GrossB4{center}51 to 1'000 g{center}0.77{highlight,center}
1'001 to 2'000 g{center}upon request{highlight,center}

Price calculation

  • The base price is determined by the format and weight of your mailings.

  • A weight-dependent surcharge is added, which is calculated to the gram.

  • For Quickmail Standard and Large we grant discounts, the level of which is based on the current turnover discount for addressed letters from other providers.

  • No surcharges are applied to mailings that are not machine-compatible - so-called special mailings.

  • For mailings in residual bundles, a surcharge of CHF 0.11 incl. VAT per piece will be applied. This surcharge is not discounted.

Good to know!

Residual bundles result when the minimum number of mailings per bundle specified by you is not reached for a delivery area. The higher the total delivery quantity and the lower the minimum number of mailings per bundle you have specified, the lower the proportion of mailings in residual bundles. You can find out how high the proportion of mailings in residual bundles is after routing an order in the Extranet on the "Download" page.

Information on invoicing

The price per mailing is calculated including VAT and commercially rounded to whole centime amounts. The discount is then deducted and the total amount is calculated by multiplying by the number of items.


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