Surprise in the letterbox! With Quicksample, manufacturers of branded goods or retailers bring product samples directly to their desired target group. This way, the products are tasted and tested where they are normally consumed: At home in familiar surroundings.

Quicksample are addressed mailings that are more than 2 cm thick. In addition to product samples, many companies also use Quicksample to send customer gifts - as a thank you for their loyalty, or as an Easter or Christmas greeting. Quicksample enables a product experience that online advertising cannot offer. Feel, smell, taste: Convince your customers with products that appeal to all their senses.


  • New market entries

  • Launches or relaunches of products

  • Brand or product range extensions

  • Sales promotion of existing products

  • Strengthening customer loyalty and brand awareness


  • Compared to distribution at the railway station: Low scatter loss, no restriction to commuters, product is consumed at home, advertising messages on paper can be enclosed better.

  • Compared to unaddressed mailing: Less wastage due to addressed mailing; households with stop stickers on the letterbox are also reached.

  • Compared to addressed mailing with other service providers: Savings of 30 to 50 % depending on the thickness and weight of the mailing.


  • Minimum weight: 51 g

  • Maximum weight: 2'000 g

  • Delivery/Posting

    • Up to 10 tonnes total weight: by Monday of the desired delivery week

    • Over 10 tonnes total weight: by Thursday of the previous week

    • Addressing/bundling by Quickmail:
      by arrangement


Product sampling is highly effective. Not only at railway stations, but wherever your customers are. Quicksample brings product samples directly to your target group's homes without scatter loss. The advantage: products can be sampled right at home in familiar surroundings!

Example: Crodino Flaschenpost

Campari Schweiz AG decided to send two bottles of Crodino. 30,000 glass bottles arrived undamaged at the consumer's letterbox. The high-quality design of the package made it look very attractive and sparked the curiosity of the recipients.

Edample: Crodino Flaschenpost

«The product mailing generated a lot of attention and was very well received. We were able to invite people to an enjoyable aperitif thanks to the appealing design and thus sustainably increase awareness.» Robert Lippuner, Brand Manager at Campari Schweiz AG.

Quicksample: Product sample

With Quicksample you can send (almost) anything: from classic product samples that you would otherwise have distributed at train stations or public places to customer gifts, give-aways or small parcels.

This is how a Quicksample mailing works

In 5 steps towards your goal

  1. You send us format, thickness and the addresses of the desired recipients via the Quickmail Extranet. If you wish, we can assist you with address selection.

  2. We will inform you within 24 hours which addresses can be delivered by Quickmail. Today, Quickmail reaches around 90 % of all households in Switzerland.

  3. You bundle and label your mailings. Alternatively, you can outsource this task to Quickmail.

  4. You deliver your mailings to our depot by Thursday before the desired delivery date.

  5. We deliver your product samples on Thursday and Friday of the following week. We will return undeliverable mailings to you.

Additional services and options

Options for undeliverable mailings

  • The price includes the logging of the addresses of undeliverable mail items.

  • Physical return of your undeliverable mail items is possible for an additional charge.

  • Separation of the address carrier from the goods and return of the goods is possible for an additional charge.

  • Do you have any other wishes? We can provide many other options by arrangement. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Additional services

Manufacturing: Most printshops and lettershops already work with Quickmail and can address and bundle items according to Quickmail's specifications. If your service provider is not set up to do this, Quickmail will be happy to provide you with a quote for addressing and bundling.

Adresses: If you do not have your own addresses, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of addresses.


FormatThickness{center}Weight{center}Price in CHF (incl. VAT){center}
Base price{center}per kg{center}Surcharge{center}
Standard B5up to 5 cm{center}up to 250 g{center}0.56{highlight,center}0.60{highlight,center}1.00{highlight,center}
5 to10 cm{center}
up to 5 cm{center}up to 500 g{center}0.59{highlight,center}
5 to10 cm{center}
Gross B4up to 5 cm{center}up to 1'000 g{center}0.77{highlight,center}
5 to 10 cm{center}up to 2'000 g{center}2.00{highlight,center}
not stackable / without packagingup to 2'000 g{center}upon request{highlight,center} 

Price calculation

  • The base price is determined by the format and weight of your mail items.

  • In addition, there is a weight-based surcharge, which is calculated to the gram, as well as a goods surcharge.

  • Additional surcharges may be imposed for mail items that cannot be stacked.

  • From an annual turnover of CHF 50,000 (with all Quickmail products) we grant attractive turnover discounts.

  • For mailings in residual bundles, a surcharge of CHF 0.11 incl. VAT per item will be applied. This surcharge is not discounted.

Good to know!

Residual bundles result when the minimum number of mailings per bundle specified by you is not reached for a delivery area. The higher the total delivery quantity and the lower the minimum number of mailings per bundle you have specified, the lower the proportion of mailings in residual bundles. You can find out how high the proportion of mailings in residual bundles is after routing an order in the Extranet on the "Download" page.

Billing information

The price per mail item is calculated including VAT and commercially rounded to whole centime amounts. The discount is then deducted and multiplied by the number of items to give the total amount.


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