Planning & Process

As a sender, you want operations to be as simple as possible. But you also want your service providers to have efficient processes that enable low prices. The Quickmail system makes both possible.

Preparing mailings for delivery by Quickmail is no more complicated than you are used to from the various European postal services. You as a customer (or service provider) control all your mailing orders easily via the Quickmail extranet.

In the Quickmail Extranet you can enter and mutate orders, enrich your addresses and with the Quickcode ("Quickleitzahl") as well as generate and download all the necessary forms and bundle labels. As soon as your mailing has been delivered, you will find informative reports on the delivered mail items in the extranet and can download data records of undeliverable mail items.

You will find all other relevant information for planning your next Quickmail mailing on this page.

Time frame

In the right place at the right time. Quickmail reaches over 3.3 million Swiss households every week. Mail items can be handed in until the Monday of the delivery week.


Mail delivered by Quickmail should not bear the same franking mark as mail delivered by Swiss Post. Make sure you are prepared for this in advance - e.g. by adding the franking mark at the time of addressing and not at the time of printing.

Quickrouting & Quickcode

In principle, Quickrouting works in a similar way to messenger file routing for deliveries at Swiss Post. This task is performed by Quickmail - at no extra charge, and also for the mail items to be sent via Swiss Post. The Quickcodes generated during Quickrouting and assigned to your addresses must be applied to the mail items near the address.


Undeliverable items are not referred to as "returns" at Quickmail, but - to better distinguish them from returned parcel items - as "redresses".


Quality in dialogue marketing means: the "response" reaches you at the expected time and in the expected amount. Quickmail's most important goal is therefore the punctual and correct delivery of your mailings and catalogues.

Bundles & Pallets

Your lettershop produces bundles weighing up to 5 kg. Within the bundles, the mail items are sorted according to the quick routing number. The bundle labels are generated as part of the quick routing and provided to you as a PDF file. You or your service provider can choose the colour of the bundle labels. Instead of bundle labels, you can also print the bundle information directly onto the mailing. The pallets must be provided with pallet slips.

You and your service provider (e.g. lettershop) will receive detailed instructions in addition to the sorted address files and the PDF files with forms.

Starting with the order entry up to the invoicing:

Enter the order via Extranet

First you enter your order in the Quickmail extranet, specify the weight and the desired delivery days and upload your addresses.

IT-assisted address sorting

Quickrouting checks whether an address is located in the Quickmail delivery area. If so, the address is enriched with the Quickcode. The addresses are put in the correct order and all necessary documents such as bundle labels are generated. Addresses outside the Quickmail delivery area can be prepared according to the specifications of Swiss Post.

Production of the mailings

You can then download the data again and forward it to the service provider who will produce your mailings for you. Of course, the download can also be done directly by the lettershop.

Handing in at Quickmail

Mail items are deposited at the Egerkingen depot or, by arrangement, at the Zurich or St. Gallen acceptance depots. By default, mailings must be posted by Monday of the delivery week at the latest. Earlier handing in is possible of course.

Sorting & Delivery

In our depots, the deliveries from various customers are sorted and prepared for distribution to our delivery agents. Our more than 3,200 delivery agents throughout Switzerland then distribute the mail on Thursday and Friday.

Tracking of delivered and undeliverable mailings

Every day after delivery, the delivery staff report electronically which mail items they have delivered and return undeliverable mail items.

Order reporting and invoicing

Based on this information, which is stored by Quickmail in a central consignment database, order reporting and invoicing to the sender are carried out.

Time frame

In the right place at the right time

Quickmail delivers mail on a weekly basis. This means that you and your service providers can adjust to clearly defined schedules.

  • Handing in your mail items: Will be made by Monday at 4:00 p.m. at the latest. If your mailings are posted earlier, we will temporarily store them free of charge. Mail items can be posted as early as Tuesday of the previous week.

  • Sorting: Takes place on Tuesday.

  • Distribution to the delivery agents: Takes place on Wednesday.

  • Delivery of your mailings: Takes place on Thursday and Friday. The delivery agents are free to choose when they deliver the mailings within these days. This ensures a high level of motivation and quality, for example, because the deliverers can sometimes avoid bad weather.

Quickmail delivers almost continuously every year. There is no delivery in the weeks before Easter and Christmas.

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Flexible franking

Mail delivered by Quickmail must be marked as such.

For this, the following must be taken into account:

  • The word „Quickmail“ must be included.

  • It is not possible to include information that is typical for mail sent by Swiss Post:

    • „P.P.“ oder „Port Payé“

    • „Helvetia“

There are three options for the franking mark for mail to be sent with Quickmail:

  • Franking mark in the address window, ideally on the same line as the Quickcode ("Quickleitzahl").

  • Informal franking mark (can be designed as desired, e.g. with or without a frame).

  • Stamps: You have the option of using stamps issued by Quickmail or even issuing your own stamp together with Quickmail.

Quickrouting & Quickcode

Sorting and identifying with the Quickcode

Quickmail uses a special coding for efficient sorting and identification:
The Quickcode - in short: QLZ (from "Quickleitzahl").

  • The Quickcode contains all the information for sorting and transporting consignments. In addition, it is also an ID number with which each individual consignment item can be identified in the Quickmail system.
  • The Quickcode is applied at the same time as the mailing is addressed. There are no additional costs and it takes up very little space on the mailing. Unlike a barcode, it also does not give the recipient any indication of mass processing.
  • The Quickcode is generated as part of the so-called Quickrouting. Quickrouting works in a similar way to messenger file routing and will be carried out via the Quickmail extranet.
  • Quickrouting is carried out free of charge after your addresses have been uploaded to the Quickmail extranet.
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Leaving nothing to chance

Undeliverable mailings are not referred to as "returns" at Quickmail, but - to better distinguish them from returned parcel items - as "redressen".

We leave nothing to chance in the case of undeliverable mailings. Redresses are logged by the delivery agents using a consignment code and made available to you as a data record.

As a basic service, redresses are electronically logged in our depots and then disposed of. In addition to the costs for registration of the redresses, this also cuts your disposal costs.

In addition to these services, you can take advantage of additional services for which a fee is charged. The delivery agents are informed how to handle redresses by means of a letter integrated in the Quickcode ("Quickleitzahl").

  • A, B, Z = Individual treatment (by arrangement)

  • C = Deposit as B Mail bulk mail at Swiss Post, previously logged electronically

  • D = Return to sender, previously logged electronically

  • E = Disposal, prior electronic logging (basic offer)

You can specify the type of redress handling you require when making your order on the Quickmail Extranet.

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