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To Germany, Austria, France and a further 193 countries. With Quickmail International, your letters, mailings, catalogs and small parcels arrive quickly and reliably anywhere in the world. Benefit from less administrative work than with traditional postal service providers and save on postage costs.

Quickmail International stands for the worldwide transport of letters and mailings, but also of heavier items such as catalogs and samples. Quickmail International is suitable for both one-off and recurring shipments. With PRIORITY and ECONOMY delivery speeds, you can choose the service and price at which your mailings are delivered. And best of all, you can use Quickmail International even with low mailing volumes.


  • Worldwide delivery of all types of mailings such as letters, brochures or catalogs up to a weight of 2'000 g

  • One-time, recurring and daily mailings - even low volumes of mailings

  • Sending small parcels such as customer gifts or samples

  • Quickmail International Combi: Simultaneous deposit of international items together with Quickmail items for Switzerland

  • Quickmail International Spot: Individual, larger consignments - including pick-up upon request


  • Transportation in the worldwide mail network of Deutsche Post and other selected partners enables easy shipping to over 190 countries.

  • You can also use Quickmail International for small mailing volumes.

  • Efficient processing enables low postage costs with potential savings of up to 20 %.

  • The administrative effort is significantly lower than with traditional service providers.

  • Upon request, we will pick up the items at your location.


  • Minimum weight: from 1 g

  • Maximum weight: up to 2'000 g

  • Format: max. length 60 cm / L + W + H max. 90 cm

Good to know!

Are you already a Quickmail customer for Switzerland and also have mailings for abroad? Then Quickmail International Combi is the right solution for you. By the way, you can also use Quickmail International Combi if your sendings consist of less than 350 items!

Additional services and options

Quickmail International Combi

If you already use Quickmail services for Switzerland, you can easily send your foreign mailings with Quickmail International Combi. When creating a new order, simply click on "Schweiz + Ausland" in the extranet and upload your addresses for Switzerland and for abroad in the same file. Your foreign mailings will then be prepared, produced and posted according to the same principles as the mailings for Switzerland.

Thanks to the two available services PRIORITY and ECONOMY, you choose the speed and price at which your mailings are sent abroad.

Another advantage: you can also use Quickmail International Combi if your sendings consist of less than 350 items!

Quickmail International Spot

Do you ship recurrently or occasionally abroad? Quickmail International Spot is available for as few as 350 items per shipment and is also possible for mailings weighing less than 50 g.

You can use Quickmail International Spot in the Unsorted or Sorted variants:


  • The order is placed via Quickmail extranet or through your customer advisor. Specify the weight of the mailings and the number of pieces by country or zone. You can produce your items in any order.

  • We will take care of sorting and franking the items for you.


  • Compared to the Unsorted variant, we grant additional discounts if you pre-sort your shipment.

  • Optionally, you can upload your foreign addresses via the Quickmail extranet.

  • Your data will be processed within 24 hours. In the process, the country designations are corrected and standardised.

  • You then produce the items in the order we specify. Mailings can be bundled with the pre-produced bundle labels or handed over in another form agreed with Quickmail.

  • The Quickleitzahl can be printed on the items. This code is then used to communicate the undeliverable items.

Information on posting or collecting your mailings


With Quickmail International Combi, your international mailings are posted at the same time as your domestic mailings at our acceptance depots in Egerkingen, St. Gallen or Zurich. Mailings can be posted on Thursday, Friday or Monday. Your mailings will then be forwarded immediately to our International Sorting Center (ISC) in Hägendorf SO, from where they will enter the network of our partner Deutsche Post.


With Quickmail International Spot, we will pick up your mailings from you, your printshop or your lettershop and forward them to our International Sorting Center (ISC) in Hägendorf SO. From there, your mailings are immediately transferred to the network of our partner Deutsche Post. Pick-up can take place on any working day.

Transport time after posting or pick-up

The average shipping time in working days (not including the day of posting) for the most important countries is as follows:

Great Britain2-3{highlight,center}5-9{highlight,center}


Quickmail International Spot and Combi PRIORITY in CHF (excl. VAT)

FormatWeight{center}per piece{center}per kg{center}
Standard1 - 100 g{center}0.90{highlight,center}1.00{highlight,center}0.95{highlight,center}15.00{highlight,center}11.00{highlight,center}17.80{highlight,center}
Gross1 - 1'000 g{center}2.20{highlight,bold,center}1.80{highlight,center}1.50{highlight,center}7.00{highlight,center}10.00{highlight,center}17.80{highlight,center}
Maxi1 - 2'000 g{center}2.80{highlight,center}2.90{highlight,center}2.90{highlight,center}9.50{highlight,center}11.00{highlight,center}17.80{highlight,center}

Quickmail International Spot and Combi ECONOMY in CHF (excl. VAT)

FormatWeight{center}per piece{center}per kg{center}
Standard1 - 100 g{center}0.90{highlight,center}0.90{highlight,center}0.90{highlight,center}9.00{highlight,center}9.60{highlight,center}17.00{highlight,center}
Gross1 - 1'000 g{center}2.00{highlight,bold,center}1.40{highlight,center}1.40{highlight,center}6.30{highlight,center}8.50{highlight,center}17.00{highlight,center}
Maxi1 - 2'000 g{center}2.50{highlight,center}2.60{highlight,center}2.60{highlight,center}8.20{highlight,center}8.50{highlight,center}17.00{highlight,center}

Quickmail International Spot and Combi discounts per posting

Revenue per orderfrom CHF 1'000{center}from CHF 2'500{center}from CHF 5'000{center}from CHF 7'500{center}from CHF 10'000{center}from CHF 12'500{center}from CHF 15'000{center}
Discount2.50 %{highlight,center}5.00 %{highlight,center}7.50 %{highlight,center}10.50 %{highlight,center}12.50 %{highlight,center}14.00 %{highlight,center}15.00 %{highlight,center}

Price calculation

  • Please refer to the price tables above for our current list prices and the discount scale.

  • For an annual turnover of more than CHF 50,000, we will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

  • For the calculation of turnover, all orders that are picked up or delivered at the same time are added together.

  • Please note that international shipments are exempt from Swiss value-added tax (VAT).


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