Quality in dialogue marketing means that responses arrive at the expected time and in the anticipated quantities. Quickmail’s primary goal is therefore accurate, on-time delivery of your mailings and catalogues.

Quickmail uses motivated, well-equipped staff for this – as well as consistent quality checks. We train our staff regularly and perform specific checks of their knowledge. We offer our employees training content in ten languages and a variety of formats, including videos, e-learning and personal on-site support.

These checks consist of the following:

  • Data collection of consignments sent: Quickmail’s delivery agents record which consignments they have delivered on a given day. This is done by entering the route sequence, i.e. ‘number 1 to number 334’. Quickmail describes this process as ‘indirect track & trace’, as delivery information is not recorded for each individual consignment, but rather for a clearly defined group of consignments.

  • Data collection of undeliverable consignments: Any undeliverable consignments are recorded with the Quickmail routing number and the reason that they were undeliverable. Undeliverable rates that are higher or lower than average are analysed.

  • Blind adresses: Delivery agents regularly receive consignments with a correct postal address (i.e. the house number, street, postcode and location are correct) but with the name of a person who does not live at the address given. The fact that these mailings are undeliverable can only be determined on site. If delivery agents do not report these consignments as being ‘undeliverable’, we immediately check whether other consignments have been delivered without issue.

  • Forwarding and second delivery attempts: When undeliverable consignments are recorded, they are automatically checked against phone directory entries for if individuals have moved and the likelihood of being able to deliver. If there is a new address for a recipient, the consignment is forwarded on. If the address is confirmed by the phone book, a second delivery attempt will be made.

  • GPS logger: Quickmail’s delivery agents are equipped with GPS loggers. These show exactly when a mailbox is operated.

Quickmail’s commitment to quality also includes careful handling of the addresses entrusted to us. As well as of course complying with the Federal Law on Data Protection (DSG), we also adhere to the code of honour for the Swiss Dialogue Marketing Association (in German).