Stamps & Collectors Service

As a provider of letter services registered with the Federal Postal Commission, Quickmail Planzer AG has the right to issue its own stamps. These are postage stamps which, according to paragraph 7 of Quickmail Planzer AG's GTC, are valid for an unlimited period of time. Quickmail stamps bear a value in centimes, the year of issue, the term "Quickmail" and are postmarked. On the occasion of the first day of issue, a first-day card with a first-day postmark will be issued.

The stamps are only intended for the carriage of letters by Quickmail Planzer AG and are not suitable for franking letters handed over to Swiss Post for carriage. As a private individual you can obtain stamps from Quickmail's stamp shop and have letters sent via Quickmail's collector service if you are interested.

Collectors Service

Quickmail mainly delivers bulk mailings for business customers. However, for stamp collectors interested in "genuinely used" individual letters, we offer a "collectors' service".

And this is how it works:

  • Order your Quickmail stamps in our stamp shop (see below).

  • Write a normal address on your letter and frank it with the stamp value required depending on the format and weight. See below for details.

  • Drop your letter(s) in the letterbox, which is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Quickmail Planzer AG office at Fürstenlandstrasse 35 in 9001 St. Gallen.

  • If you do not live in St. Gallen, put your letter(s) in an envelope and send it (sufficiently stamped via Swiss Post) to:
    Quickmail Planzer AG
    Fürstenlandstrasse 35
    9001 St. Gallen

  • In St. Gallen, your letter will then be date-stamped and delivered to the specified address after a few days.

Only letters to Switzerland can be sent via the collector service. If Quickmail Planzer AG does not yet serve a building to which a letter is addressed, the letter will be postmarked, packed in an envelope, marked with the recipient's address and delivered to the recipient via Swiss Post at no extra cost.

WeightPrice in CHF{center}
0 to 50 g2.50{highlight,center}2.50{highlight,center}
51 to 100 g0.50{highlight,center}1.50{highlight,center}
101 to 500 g1.00{highlight,center}1.50{highlight,center}
501 to 1'000 g-{highlight,center}2.50{highlight,center}